Rebecca Rae Stratis

Horse Woman | Guide and Graduate

Rebecca is Mitch and Jami’s “surrogate daughter”. Rebecca has been on a horse since she could sit up by herself…literally. As an accomplished horse woman and guide AND graduate of Central Washington University’s renowned geology program, Rebecca is also the outfit resident rock hound. You will have the good fortune to hear her interpret all the amazing geology in our local area on any of our scenic and historic horseback adventures.

But wait! There’s more!

Rebecca is a skilled, experienced hunter from a young age. Fur, feather or fin Rebecca gets her game, every year, year after year.

Although sometimes Rebecca’s study schedule takes her away from us (she’s working on her Master’s Degree) she is dedicated, entertaining and as competent as she is fetching.

Rebecca also likes Pina Coladas and taking walks in the rain.

Come on out and ride with Rebecca!


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Rebecca is Mitch and Jami’s “surrogate daughter”. Rebecca has been on…