Mitch Truax

Back Country Guide

Mitch, or “The Boss Man” as we call him at Kittitas Valley Outfitters, has been an outdoors man all of his life. Raised until he was nine in the farm country of Southern Minnesota, Mitch has the natural world in his blood.

Mitch has hunted, fished, backpacked, and horse and mule packed the back country of the Pacific Northwest since he was ten years old. He’s what you might call an expert. Although, he spent a few years in the corporate world after graduating from Central Washington University, Mitch always made time to “pack in” for big game in the Cascade Range.

As a professional outfitter and guide for over twelve years, Mitch can guarantee a safe fun experience into the “great outdoors”.

Mitch has been involved in making future hunters get a good foundation as well. As Officer 7929 for the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Division, Mitch instructed many hunter education courses to make sure ALL outdoor recreation is safe for everyone!

30 years in the back country…yes folks we are glad to have “The Boss Man”!


Mitch Truax

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