Jami Truax

Waterfowl Guide

Jami “The OTHER Horse Whisperer” Brossow has been working with horses since the age of two.That’s 48 years! (We don’t mention her age around here).Jami and Mitch have known each other for 33 years.

Jami has trained horses from start to finish, competed and won many shows, and donated her time to special causes for horses and people.

Jami has spent many years working with the “Little Bit Therapeutic Riding” organization.This program uses the special bond between horses and humans to help special needs children and adults overcome challenges.

Jami has worked cows as well, earning her bonafide cowgirl status.

Jami has ridden horses all over the United States in all kinds of terrain, giving Jami a unique knowledge of trails and trail riding.

Despite being in the corporate world for a while after college, Jami has always kept her horse passion alive.

With years of experience, we are lucky to have Jami at Kittitas Valley Outfitters


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