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Mule/Horse Packing Clinics

We’ve been at it since grandpa packed the Blue Mountains in the ‘50’s. Learn to use livestock to get you wayyyyyyy back and still have some luxuries you wouldn’t have with a backpack. Come to one of our clinics as they come up on our blog or if you’d rather have personal instruction…we’d be happy to show the ropes plus show you a few tricks!

Starting at $45.00 per day.

Backcountry Dutch Oven Cooking

We’ve learned from some of the best Dutch oven cooks in the west. Learn to cook the old-timey way and eat REAL food in the backcountry. You will learn to cook a roast just like at home and even bake a cake!


Horse/Human Training

One of the greatest horse trainers of all time is a man named Buck Brannaman. Buck once said about training horses that he often times was helping horses with people problems rather than people with horse problems.

We are full believers is Buck’s ideas and we’d be happy to share some insights, ideas and training for you and your horse or mule.

Prices vary.

Horse/Human Training

Info coming soon