You love to hunt. You need to hunt. You have an idea where you want to go and when but something is missing…GUIDES!

Here, in the heart of Washington’s Cascade Mountain Range, you’ll find some of the best hunting in the West.

Big Game

If your passion is big game, join us in our mule and horse supported premium deluxe guided camps. In these camps you’ll be HUNTING…not working. We do the work. You are free to do what you came to the mountains to do…hunt. ALL of our hunts are fully guided. Camp is constantly tended by our cooks and wranglers.

When your game is down, we’ll pack it up on mules and get it back to camp. No more packing game five miles up hill.


Upland Bird hunting is about sophistication, dogs and shooting! Bring your finest upland firearm, your dog and let’s go shooting. Pheasant is our favorite quarry! If you don’t have a dog…well heck…that’s why we’re here! We’ll guide you onto some nice roosters over our dogs and put a feather in your cap! We provide a variety of options based on your requirements from day hunts to deluxe camps. Whatever the case…you are going to have a great time!


It takes a special kind of hunter to get nuts over waterfowl hunting. Jami…(the REAL head honcho of KVO) is that kind of hunter. Jami is a premier waterfowl hunter and guide. You think you can outgun her? …think again. You can plan on an overnight camp with some early morning hunting. Deeks, ducks and dogs…does it get any better than this!?


Central Washington has the highest predator ratios in the state. Hunt coyote and cats with us. You might not see them but they’ll see you most of the time. But go out with KVO guides…and you can be sure you’ll see them first. Days hunts and over nighters to whatever you want to do! Let us know!

Call us to discuss what works best for you and/or your family: 509.607.9681